• Bunis Yang

    Animation Director
    Bunis has from his start in Animation in 1978 been Animating, Directing and Supervising on an almost endless number of Animation Feature Films, TV series and DVDs. He and his team has been the number one choice in Taiwan by clients like Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Universal, Fox, Cartoon Network, Nelvana, Cinar and Nickelodeon. Bunis’s broad understanding of the Animation Industry and his Directing skills has made Taiwanese Animation famous on productions like: ‘The land before time’, ‘Curious George’, ‘Mulan 2’, ‘Balto’ and ‘Ferngully’.

  • Lee Hsu

    Production Manager

    Lee starts his career since 2005. During the time as a line producer, he worked for numerous projects such as ‘Pet Alien’, ‘Curious George’, ‘Angel Wars’ and etc.. Later on, after few years' practice in the industry, he starts to participate in several original IP development and funding process. He has successfully produced 2 original 3D animated TV series, ‘Choobies’ and ‘Yameme’ in Taiwan. He will be continually seeking for high quality 2D and 3D animation work as well as the opportunity of developing new original IPs.

    BV Animation Studio
    +886 2 2935 0922
    +886 989 088 990

  • The Team

    Our team is a highly trained production team. It is made of a group of most talented and experienced artists who have been producing TV series, shorts, DVD movies, and features for many US major studios such as Univeral, Disney, and Warner Brothers for at least 20 years. Most of the key members are used to work for Wang Films and led by Bunis and Vincent for feature quality work and projects. "Land Before Time", "Balto 2", Balto 3", "Curious George", "All Dogs Go to Heaven", "Mulan 2", "The Little Mermaid 2", and so on so forth are all from this team.
  • 楊奇璋 Bunis Yang 動畫製作經歷

    Bunis Yang's Filmography

    時間 作品 公司/備註
    1978-1980 科學小飛俠
    太空魔龍 日本首部立體卡通
    百年戰爭 日本與法國合製片
    1980-1981 Yogi Bear's Christmas瑜珈熊過聖誕節 Hanna-Barbera
    1981-1982 Ulysses尤里西斯 Tokyo Movies
    Amigo阿米哥 Hanna-Barbera
    Tron電子世界爭霸 Walt Disney,本片為首部電腦動畫製
    The Jetsons傑森一族 Hanna-Barbera
    Carebears善心熊 Nelvana
    1982-1983 Smurfs(Special)藍色小精靈特別節目 Hanna-Barbera
    The Wind in the Window風中的聲音 Ramkim Base
    Uncle Nious Great Adventure牛伯伯與牛小妹勇破
    1984-1985 Jetsons傑森一族 Hanna-Barbera
    Carebears善心熊 Nelvana
    1985-1986 Carebears II善心熊2 Nelvana
    Gobots變身機器人 Hanna-Barbera
    Yogi ear瑜珈熊 Hanna-Barbera
    Thunder Cats霹靂貓 Ramkim Base
    Gobots (Feature)變身機器人 Hanna-Barbera
    1986-1987 Thumblelina拇指姑娘(錄影帶) Hanna-Barbera
    Rapunzel長髮公主(錄影帶) Hanna-Barbera
    1987-1988 Jonny Quest強尼任務 Nelvana
    Carebears III善心熊3 Nelvana
    Brave Little Toast (Feature)家電歷險記(烤麵包機) Hanna-Barbera
    1988-1989 Clifford大紅狗 Hanna-Barbera
    Bobobs泡泡船 BRB(腳本組組長)
    Story of Catalunya加泰隆尼亞故事 BRB
    Flintstone (Special)摩登原始人特別節目 Hanna-Barbera
    Duck Tales唐老鴨 Walt Disney
    "Chip 'n Dale"花栗鼠歷險記 Walt Disney
    Ninja Turtles忍者龜 Murakami Wolf


    The Jetsons (Feature)傑森一族特別版 Hanna-Barbera
    Winnie the Pooh Walt Disney
    Ninja Turtles忍者龜 Murakami Wolf
    Scooby Doo杜賓狗 Hanna-Barbera
    Smurfs藍色小精靈 Hanna-Barbera
    Beetle Juice陰間大法師 Nelvana
    The Prince and the Pauper (Feature)米老鼠特別節目 Walt Disney


    American Tail美國鼠譚 Nelvana
    Snoopy (Special)史努比特別節目 Bill Melandez
    Back to the Future回到未來 Productions Inc. Universal
    Tom & Jerry Kids Hanna-Barbera
    Duck Tales唐老鴨 Walt Disney
    Tale Spin航空小英雄 Walt Disney


    Fern Gully熱帶雨林 Century Fox
    Shorts Walt Disney
    Goof Troop高飛狗 Walt Disney
    Darkwing Duck狡猾飛天德 Walt Disney
    Family Dog家有狂犬 Amblin Entertainment,與史蒂芬史匹伯(Steven Spielberg)合作
    1992-1993 Marsupilami Walt Disney
    Shnookums and Meat Funny Walt Disney
    Sebastian Walt Disney


    New Bonhers Walt Disney
    Go6! Walt Disney,3D電視短片
    Mermaid小美人魚 Walt Disney
    Aladdin阿拉丁 Walt Disney


    Duck Daze閃電鴨 Walt Disney


    Timon Pumba獅子王辛巴之丁滿與澎巴 Walt Disney
    All Dogs Go to Heaven II小狗上天堂2 MGM
    1996-1997 Babes in Toyland (feature)玩具城 MGM
    All Dogs Go to Heaven (TV)小狗上天堂電視影集 MGM
    Jungle Cubs森林王子 Walt Disney
    Mighty Duck Walt Disney
    Bug Hunt Walt Disney


    Fern Gully II(Feature)熱帶雨林2 Wind Brain
    101 Dalmatians101忠狗 Walt Disney
    Jungle Cubs森林王子電視續集 Walt Disney


    All Dogs Go to Heaven III小狗上天堂3 MGM
    Secret of Ninh II (Feature)尼姆的秘密2 MGM
    Timon & Pumbag丁滿與澎巴續集 Studio B
    Pippi Longstocking (Feature) Trickompany
    Hercules大力士 Walt Disney
    Winnie Sing a Song維尼在歌唱 Walt Disney


    Little Mermaid II (Feature)小美人魚2 Walt Disney
    Tom Sawyer (Feature)湯姆歷險記 MGM
    Land Before Time 7 (Feature)歷險小恐龍7 Universal
    Bazz Lightyear巴斯光年 Walt Disney


    Balto II (Feature)雪地靈犬2 Universal
    Mushu (Feature)木須龍 Walt Disney
    Weekenders週末假期 Walt Disney
    Tarzan泰山 Walt Disney


    Land Before Time 8 (Feature)歷險小恐龍8 Universal
    Land Before Time 9 (Feature)歷險小恐龍9 Universal
    Bibi Special A Film
    Charlottes Web 2 (Feature)夏綠蒂的網2 Nickeldeon
    Hallmark HV (Feature) SD Emfer


    Scooby Doo HV (Feature)杜賓狗長片 Warner Bros
    Land Before Time 10 (Feature)歷險小恐龍10 Universal
    Lilo & Stitch星際寶貝 Walt Disney
    Fillmore (TV) Walt Disney
    Pooh Happy Year HV (Feature) Walt Disney


    26 26恐龍DVD長片 SD Emfer
    Balto III (Feature)雪地靈犬3 Universal
    Land Before Time 11 (Feature)歷險小恐龍11 Universal


    American Dragon美國龍 Walt Disney
    Land Before Time 12 (Feature)歷險小恐龍12 Universal


    Land Before Time 13 (Feature)歷險小恐龍13 Universal
    Monkey King紅孩兒大戰火燄山 宏廣股份有限公司Wang Film


    Curious George好奇猴喬治 Universal
    公主系列—木蘭公主DVD Walt Disney
    公主系列—美女與野獸DVD Walt Disney


    Shelldon海底妙險記 NBC
    Universal Land Before Time 7(Feature)歷險小恐龍7
    Land Before Time 7(Feature)歷險小恐龍8
    Land Before Time 7(Feature)歷險小恐龍9
    Land Before Time 7(Feature)歷險小恐龍10
    Land Before Time 7(Feature)歷險小恐龍11
    Land Before Time 7(Feature)歷險小恐龍12
    Land Before Time 7(Feature)歷險小恐龍13
    Curious George好奇猴喬治
    Balto II(Feature)雪地靈犬2
    Balto III (Feature)雪地靈犬3
    Breu Rabbit兔子羅伯特
    宏廣 Monkey King紅孩兒大戰火燄山
    Nickeldeon Charlottes Web 2 (Feature)夏綠蒂的網2
    MGM Babes in Toyland玩具城
    Secret of Ninh II (Feature)尼姆的秘密2
    Tom Sawyer (Feature)湯姆歷險記
    All Dogs Go to Heaven 小狗上天堂
    All Dogs Go to Heaven II小狗上天堂2
    SD Emfer 26 26恐龍DVD長片
    Walt Disney Winnie the Pool維尼小熊
    Mulan 2花木蘭2
    Mermaid 2小美人魚2
    Aladdin 2阿拉丁2
    20th Century Fox (Wind Brain) Fern Gully II(Feature)熱帶雨林2
    Hanna-Barbera Thumblelina拇指公主
    Warner Bros Pippi Longstocking皮皮
    Scooby Doo HV (Feature)杜賓狗長片



    Bamse 邦瑟熊
    Mamma moo 牛媽與烏鴉 1.2
    Pelle Svanslos 無尾貓彼得
    Molly Monster 莫利怪獸